Feast your Eyes on This

I LOVE cookbooks, and I love them for many reasons. I don’t collect many things, except when it comes to these amazing books! I feel like they can serve a multitude of purposes. Aside from the obvious; recipe holders, they are also a form of art in my mind. Their colorful covers and beautiful bindings can act as an accent in your kitchen! I love stacking them up, and displaying them. They are also a nice relaxing past time. I can spend hours leafing through them, admiring the beautiful food photography within. Finally they inspire me to cook, even if it isn’t their recipes I end up using.
{from left to right} Buchon Bakery, Home Made, Les Petites Macarons, Brunch!

Above are four cookbooks, two of which I already own {bottom row} and the other two are on my wish list {top row}. Aside from being filled with delicious recipes, they are all very aesthetically pleasing! “Brunch” is a great weekend cookbook, it contains  yummy, simple ideas for a nice brunch (how surprising)! I’m dying to get my hands on “Buchon Bakery.” Not only do I want to try everything in it, but the photography is exceptional. It’s a very handsome book to look at! Home made is on my list because it shows you how to make almost anything from scratch, which I love.


“Les Petite Macarons” was given to me as a gift a couple of months ago and I actually attempted to make macarons {above}. They aren’t anything to write home about, and I have a lot of work to do before they come out as perfect as the cookbooks, but I think they are pretty cute, and they are really delicious! These ones are raspberry with a raspberry buttercream filling!

Here’s to being inspired by beautiful books! Have a great weekend!

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