A Mapped out Space: Using Maps as Art!

I have always loved maps. Not only for their beauty, but because they tell a story about how the world was once perceived. I am also a firm believer that they make amazing, inexpensive art. I knew when I decorated my home that I would somehow incorporate at least one map into the mix.


Four Frames; Elements of Style Blog, Globes; Elle Decor

Maps offer big impact in subtle ways. Graphic but with muted, calming tones, a map’s balance between the two is perfect. They are also easy to personalize, all you have to do is choose one that means something to you or of a place close to your heart, and your map will tell it’s own story in it’s new form on your wall!


Playroom; Apartment Therapy, Dining Room Table; 79 Ideas

I love the use of maps as wallpaper as well. They scream well travelled and sophisticated.


Bedroom; News, Living Room; Renee Finberg

On my last trip to visit my boyfriend (while he was still living in NYC), we went into the NYU bookstore and found a gorgeous subway map that we both fell in love with. Knowing that we would be moving in together when he moved back to Montreal, we grabbed it and kept it rolled up until a few months ago.  We went out and bought a simple wooden frame at Ikea and mounted it in the stairwell. We LOVE the effect, and the memories it brings back!

Subway Map 2

Photo Credit: Jessica Pevzner

Isn’t it great?! So subtle but still makes a very big impact on the space. And since NYC is very close to both our hearts (Having endured a 2 year, long distance relationship between NYC and Montreal) this subway map also tells a story. Everyone who comes into our home, and knows us, knows exactly why that map is there. I love that about personalized art, and the bonus is that it cost us very little to achieve!

Subway Map 1

Photo Credit: Jessica Pevzner

How would you map out your space?

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