Easy DIY Camera Strap

I had this realization the other night that even though I’ve had my camera for more than 8 years, and use it often, I still haven’t changed the strap. Yes, I’m that person that still has the original one that comes with the camera when you first buy it. Big bright red Canon letters sewn on… not so pretty, so unprofessional and uncomfortable to boot. I can sort of get it to hang across my body, but it’s tight, and now with winter here, there’s no way I could wear it comfortably over my coat. So being the impulsive person I am, I figured out a way to make a new strap at 11 pm on a monday night. With all the stores being closed, I had to think about what I already had on hand. All it is, is a spare strap from one of my totes and some key rings, there’s really nothing to this DIY. It’s a quick fix if you’re impatient like I am and itching for a change. You just need to make sure that you attach the rings securely to the camera so that you can be sure the strap is on safely, preventing any accidents!


Here’s a self portrait of me and my new camera strap! I love it, and can now wear it comfortably across my body when not using it. Isn’t the colour fun?


Having this new strap will definitely encourage me to bring my camera out with me more often! I always found excuses to leave it at home and use my iphone instead, since it fits comfortable in my pocket and my DSLR does not. Looking forward to taking it out more often!

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