Snapshots of Life Lately

I take a lot of photos to say the least. I am a very visual person and while I love looking back at photos throughout my life, I really do it because I love the art of photography itself. I am self taught and learning more and more each and every day. I will be honest though, on a day to day basis I shoot with my iPhone and then post to Instagram. I do this because it’s so simple and instantly rewarding. The iphone takes beautiful photos, it fits in your pocket, you can edit them right there on the spot and then upload them without having to do much more… pretty easy! That being said I also really appreciate photography that takes a little more time, with a little more thought behind it. I have a DSLR camera that I love very much, and while I mostly use it to take photos of food for the blog (you can check them out here), I try and take it out with me every so often so that I can mix it up a bit and get creative. I always learn something new when I do that! It’s a little more work than using my good old iPhone, but it’s much more rewarding. I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of them on the blog! Here are a few shots I snapped recently!


This is my baby Winslow – If you follow me on Instagram, you know he’s one of my best posers!


This is my cousin Shira at NYFW. Portrait Photography practice


I love the way the water acts as a mirror after a storm.


Shadow Play


Survival of the fittest


Another one of my cousin Shira. Portrait photography practice, but without reflectors or lights it’s hard to not have harsh shadows.



What do you love photographing most?


7 thoughts on “Snapshots of Life Lately

  1. For a while, I loved photographing food best. Then when I moved, the lighting in my kitchen sucked, and I ran out of time to cook due to the demands of my day job. Now . . . I like nature pictures. Raindrops, pretty flowers, and things that are, generally, breathtaking. I still occasionally take photos of food, though.

    • Yes, lighting is a big reason why I don’t take more food photos also. I cook mostly in the evenings and often want to photograph it but I need natural light and I have no space to set up artificial lighting… I am starting to practice portrait photography, but I love photographing architecture and nature as well.

      • Same! The yellows of the fluorescent bulbs in my kitchen are just SO unattractive. 😦 Portrait photography is something I’m very new to, but it’s fun, and I love capturing human expression.

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