Foodie Valentine’s Day Cards for the Win!

Valentine’s day is a little under two weeks away and I am finding some pretty great cards out there that defy the traditional cheesy, red and pink, overly romantic cards I typically see! My favourite theme this year is food inspired valentine’s day cards, and they are really dominating the market. Designers are combining funny slogans and food motifs to create adorably romantic messages. Come on, nothing says I love like “You’re the lox to my cream cheese” for the foodie in your life, right?

I love the naive nature of the imagery, with designers using hand drawn graphics to create a playful style! Not only that, but these cards move away from the red tones usually associated with the occasion and instead use bold playful colours!

Traditionally, I create my own cards for special occasions because I enjoy crafting and it shows that you put some thought and care into it, right? How many times have you received a card and thought, why did they even include this it’s so generic. But I will admit, these cards are so cute and original that i’m thinking I may use some of these this year instead of making my own!

I’ve selected only a few of my favourites (it was hard to eliminate some) but I am sure there are so many out there I haven’t seen yet! Have you seen any cute ones?

One thought on “Foodie Valentine’s Day Cards for the Win!

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