10 Reasons Why I Love Avocados

Avocados are a beautiful thing, don’t you agree? I love them for so many reasons but for the purpose of this post I narrowed them down to my top 10. Here it goes:

1. Avocados are a superfood, packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals in every single serving!

2. They are one of those really “fatty” foods that’s actually good for you to eat. Filled with monounsaturated fat, they actually lower your cholesterol (when eaten in moderation).

3. They make the best spread for toast. Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt and maybe an olive oil fried egg on top and you have the best breakfast, lunch, snack or even light supper!

4. They make smoothies extra creamy! Try it, you’ll agree!


{Top Row – Left to Right} Espacio Culinario, Jessica Pevzner, How Sweet it is {Middle Row – Left to Right} The Berry, Not Without Salt, The Clever Carrot {Bottom Row – Left to Right} Dash and Bella, The Food Club, Pinterest

5. Their oil is great for cooking with and has awesome health benefits for your body, like preventing heart disease!

6. Avocados make an awesome butter substitute for your baked goods! Take out the bad fat and switch it for the good.

7. They are the most beautiful shade of green!

8. They are the main ingredient in guacamole and well, guacamole is delicious!

9. They taste awesome in both sweet and savoury dishes, on their own or with other things. Versatility is always good.

10. Finally, they just taste AMAZING!

What’s not to like about and avocado though, really?

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