Top 5 Etsy Shops for Wedding Invitations

With our wedding fast approaching in the beginning of July we are starting to tie up loose ends and make sure that everything is thought of. Planning our wedding has been really seamless so far. We haven’t felt stressed or overwhelmed at all and it has been pretty fun! Then it came time to pick wedding invitations and our difference in taste appeared. I love all things really feminine, floral and clean. He likes more simplicity and not so much “greenery” so I was really having a hard time picking something that we both enjoyed. I looked on, Paperless Post and Etsy. In the process I fell in love with a few shops on Etsy that have the most incredible wedding invitation designs.  The greatest part about ordering a template on Etsy is that you can then choose your paper and have it printed locally which saves you money and time! Unfortunately, we couldn’t agree on any of these, and I ended up designing my own wedding suite which combined both of our tastes (which I am really excited about) I still wanted to share them with all of you, because they are really stunning.

White Willow Paper Co.

I love how whimsical these cards are! They are all unique works of art and created locally here in Montreal!


Georgia Blue Design Co.

I love the modern yet feminine simplicity of these cards!


La Bohemme Paper Co.

There is a good mix of whimsy and modern simplicity here!


Alexa Nelson Prints

These are not available in template form, but they are serious works of art and worth every penny in my opinion!


Shine Invitations

One of my favorites for their modern, sophisticated look. No florals here, but definitely feminine.


What are your favorite shops on Etsy for invitations?

6 Beautiful Product Packagings That You Will Love

I’m guilty… I tend to judge a book by its cover! I do… and not just with books. I’m aware that it’s unfair to ugly products that are actually amazing, but I am a very visual person and I can’t help that I am inherently drawn to things that are pleasing to the eye. What can I say? If I see something that has amazing packaging, I’m sold before I even try it. You had me at hello pretty candle or book or soap. I strongly believe (and I know I am not alone) that a well packaged item is already well above the rest, and I get so excited when I buy something that is not only a great product but a visually pleasing one as well that will look good even when I’m not using it. I decided to put together my favourite product packaging designs. These brands got it so right and I am in love with each and every one of them! packaging-luxe-and-honey

1. Fleur: I can’t figure out if this was ever used for a real store, since the website isn’t working, but this one is more than just packaging, it’s branding and it is perfection! I love the sophisticated feminine feel of it. If I had a choice of florists in my neighbourhood and this was one of them, I would definitely go here first. The whole look really leads me to believe that they are the best florist in town. Let’s just hope they are!
2. Siggi’s is a dairy company based in upstate New York. This all natural product has no additives or preservatives and is filled with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. The packaging portrays this beautifully with it’s very simple, clean look. I also love the drawings for each flavour. I’ll be honest, whenever I am looking at yogurts in the grocery store this one pops out right away. You just know it’s a good product from looking at it.
3. Brooklyn Candle Studio is a small business located in Red Hook. They sell handcrafted, hand-poured scented candles and they are beautiful! I love the simplicity of the label on the mason jar. The font and layout is perfect!
4. Martino Group is actually a property developer that has taken a holistic approach. These bottles have an old apothecary feel to them and I love the dark colour of the actual bottle, but the labels are modern and clean and really give the product an upscale, lavish feel.
5. Herbivore botanicals is an all natural skin care and beauty company. Their products have a fresh feel to them. Clean, simple layouts with nice fonts and graphics. Not only are their products great for you, they would look great in your bathroom.
6. Hopscotch Candle: I saw this on pinterest a little while ago and wanted one right away. I love their logo, it really isn’t anything outrageous, but it works so well and the gold lid is a beautiful touch. Who said less is more? Well, they were right.

I Hope you enjoyed the items I picked out. Are you like me? Do you sometimes find yourself buying products based on their packaging? What are some of your favourite designs?