Back to the Basics with Handwritten Letters

When I stop, take a breath and think about the way our world works, I am often shocked at how we handle it all. Honestly, how are we not all burned out? With the beauty of technology comes the incessant need to multi-task and have instant gratification. I really believe that because of that, we end up loosing that personal touch.


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But I am definitely not the only one thinking this. Recently there has been a little shift in society. The idea of “slow living” and mindfulness is growing. People are starting to realize that we really need to slow down every once in a while and get back to the old fashion way of doing things. People are doing so by shutting off technology and taking the time to appreciate the little things in life. While handwritten letters may be a simple way of becoming more mindful, the act is definitely a more personal way to stay connected to distanced loved ones. It’s nice to receive a personal email, but to receive a handwritten letter, on beautiful stationery is such a pleasure! On those rare occasions that I am the recipient, I feel like I just won the lottery! Here are some really cute stationary shops in North America and online to get everyone in the mood!

In Montreal: La Papeterie Nota Bene carries papers of all colours, beautiful pens, stationery and items from around the world that are often hard to find! Located at 3416 Park Avenue in Montreal.


Image Sources: Storefront; Montreal Moment, Inside; Pinterest

In New York City: Among many sits McNally Jackson Store: They sell Stationery, paper, desk accessories and anything you would need to enrich your study practice. Located in lower Manhattan on 234 Mulberry Street, NY, NY.


Image Sources: Store Front; Peladopelado, Desk; McNally Facebook

In Los Angeles: Urbanic Paper boutique offers a beautiful collection of custom stationery, stylish papers, gifts, unique cards, and office accessories. Located at 1644 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Venice, California.


Image Sources: Storefront; Upper Case Magazine, Inside; Urbanic Paper blog

And one of my favourites online: Rifle Paper Co. I love their designs, they are unique, colourful and simply beautiful!


Images Sources: Green Chairs; Rifle Paper Co, Stationery; Rifle Made

Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t found the time to sit down and do this, so in 2014 it will be my goal to use more stamps. I think it’s time we trade in our keyboard for a pen once in a while (I am sure we could all use a little practice in our penmanship) and start writing some personal letters to our friends and family near or far.