TRENDING // Paint Splattered

An homage to Jackson Pollack, paint splattering is becoming a major trend in both fashion and home decor.  Have you been noticing it everywhere too? It’s so much fun! At first I was a little on the fence about this trend. If not done properly, paint splatter can just look plain messy, but when used just the right way it looks amazing and is a great way to add colour and a “splash” of fun to any space. I even think that paint splattered wallpaper would look amazing in a small powder room or as an accent wall. Check out this powder room, isn’t it gorgeous? Whether bold and graphic or delicate and painterly, paint splatter is making a mark!

I have gathered together a few paint splattered items that I really love, check them out.


1. Coloured paint splatter pillow from Zazzle 
2. Blue Splatter 1/2 pint mug by Emma Bridgewater
3. Blue Splatter Dinnerware from West Elm
4. Paint Splattered Chocolate (that is ridiculously expensive but beautiful) from UNELEFANTE

What a great tablescape theme as well, look how beautiful this is.  I think this is going to be a new potential DIY project!

As an accent wall it looks great as well! I think I see a trend in the blue paint splatter being my favourite.

And finally, check out how nice these curtains look. Fun and classy all in one!

How do you feel about this trend? Love it or hate it?

Inspiration: All Gold, All Around.

When I was younger, I avoided buying or wearing gold. I had associated it with an older generation, and wanted nothing to do with it, how wrong was I? I guess taste is just like a fine wine, it get’s better with age. As I got older (and wiser) I began realizing that gold is perfect. It is so elegant, classic and timeless and is an easy way to add a little sophistication into my life. I have slowly been incorporating it into my personal jewelry box as well as within my home. Here are some of my favorite ways that I want to use gold in my space!


Photo Sources: Flutes and Table Setting; Style Me Pretty

First off, how amazing are gold rimmed glasses and china sets. They can transform a rather simple white table setting into a luxurious one. There is also beauty in having a gold frame. I recently bought a gorgeous piece of fabric, and have been searching high and low for an affordable gold frame to accompany it for my bedroom wall (I am starting to think I may end up transforming one of my existing frames into a golden gem).


Photo Sources Gold Frame; Cozamia, Gold Leaf Desk; Apartment Therapy

Finally, when it comes to bookshelves, desks and bar carts (which I have been hunting around for recently) who can go wrong with a golden touch.


Photo Sources: Gold Bookshelf; Gold and Gray, Gold Bar Cart; Devon Rachel

I think I have some really great DIY ideas that I am going to start planning out. All I need is a can of gold spray paint and some creativity and I just might be able to turn some simple finds into golden treasures! What are you going to turn gold?