Inspiration: Little Geo Prints

I am really loving these tiny geo prints and with spring right around the corner I like to find ways to make some subtle, affordable changes to my space and not only do these tiny geos pack a big punch but they are growing to be a key print and pattern trend for 2015. I’m seeing them everywhere and really want to see them in my home…

Inspiration-small-geo-prints{Left Row – Top to Bottom} BeddingWallpaperAccessories, Throw {Right Row – Top to Bottom} Bowls, Tiles, Matches, Art

They have a delicate and pretty yet sophisticated look in washed corals and calming greys, often paired with blush pinks, nudes, teal and yellow accents. I really love them, don’t you?

Sweet Dreams; Bedroom Inspiration

I love imagining what the perfect room looks like to me. This idea of “perfect” constantly changes, since we all have that basic idea of what we like, but certain trends make an impact on us. Ideally I try and create a fairly neutral base in every room so that I can make inexpensive changes that impact the overall feel. I was really into white when we did the bedroom, and chose all white dressers and nightstands, which is a great blank canvas. I love it and can total work with it, but lately I’ve been craving a little bit of warmth in the form of natural wood. Something that isn’t heavy though, and still has a light airy feel. I love the nightstand below, it’s got that wood element but the marble top contrasts the darkness perfectly, keeping it light and fresh. While I am in NO position to re-do the bedroom right now (money doesn’t grow on trees) a girl can dream, don’t you think!? I am constantly finding new pieces that make my heart beat faster, so making inspiration boards like this one is a fun way to piece together my personal style! For now, here’s what I’m loving for my “perfect” bedroom. Imagine this; lots of natural light, an open airy layout, very subtle grey/white walls and these beautiful things.

That navy rug is so dramatic and cozy and pairs really well with natural wood. I have been eyeing navy for a while now, and trying to think of ways to incorporate it into my current space. The lamp is like killing two birds with one stone, it’s sculptural element adds interest to the space, and it obviously provides light. The dresser has an art deco feel which caught my eye and goes well with the nightstand. This big plush bed frame is so beautiful. My bed currently sits on a metal frame and I use large oversized pillows to act as a headboard. It looks awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I keep dreaming of a bed with a headboard and a baseboard like this one. Finishing off the whole look is a really fun piece of art. The colours are light and feminine and have a little navy in there that ties in perfectly with the rug, and the brass frame matches the lamp! Could you imagine waking up in here? I could. Anyone want to let me re-do their room instead?

Always Sunny – 3 Ways to Add Pops of Yellow in your Home

I attended an event at Dry Bar last month and if you have ever been, you know that yellow is their signature color. Pops of yellow in the form of hair tools, light fixtures, trays etc… are thrown in to an otherwise neutral space. It made me fall even more in love with this color. I first started crushing on it last year when we inherited these two huge, yellow antique lamps (Which you can kind of see in this post from last year). I loved them the minute I saw them because they were grand, bright, sculptural and unique. Without even thinking about the fact that they were a super bright yellow I knew I needed them in my space, one way or another. My couch, walls, furniture and carpets are all very neutral so I knew I could make these big guys work. They ended up not only fitting perfectly in the living room on either side of the couch, but are my favourite part of the whole space. They also inspired me to incorporate more pops of yellow in other rooms. It turns out, it’s now one of my favourite accent colours because its fun and cheerful. When you don’t live in sunny California and have to put up with a grey, dreary winter for over 6 months, you need a little sunshine in your life. Honestly, what colour says “happy” better than bright yellow?

Here are 3 of my favourite ways to add a splash of yellow into any room!

1. Accents: A painted door or window frame in bright yellow makes such a huge statement without overpowering the space. If that seems like too much of a commitment then toss a yellow throw pillow on the couch or bed, you can also add a yellow vase, lamp, fruit bowl or any decorative item for that matter, for a simple yet impactful way to brighten any room.

2. Rugs: Adding a bright yellow rug to a room will make it feel sunny all day long. I love the way these rugs pop out at you, but work so well!

3. Chairs: Bright yellow chairs are my new obsession and it’s a really fun way add a pop of yellow into your home. You can either buy one, or get your DIY on and paint one you already have lying around.

Here are some fun yellow things to get you inspired!

While I will always choose the real sun over anything else, while it’s hiding behind grey winter clouds, I am happy I have bright cheery things to look at inside! Hope you are inspired to add some yellow into your home!

Andrew Martin: A Brand Inspired by Cultures, Decades and Nostalgia.

Andrew Martin is a U.K brand with unique look that I recently discovered, and there’s no way around it, I am in love!
Check out the details in the images below. The fabric, furniture, wallpaper and accessories are what make these spaces unique. I am enamoured by the walls that look too real to be wallpaper, but they are, I promise you.

The company director Martin Waller co-founded the Andrew Martin brand in 1978 in Richmond and later relocated in 1987 to London’s fashionable, cosmopolitan Walton street when he took sole ownership of the brand. He continued to make a name for himself in the interior design world through the early eighties and “by 1985 was working on iconic set designs for the James Bond films A View to a Kill and The Living Daylights”.(1) You can really see a cinematic influence in his work.

The brand offers a wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and home accessories with an aesthetic inspired by a unique mix of decades, cultures and nostalgia. I love how bold, masculine and graphic his designs are. Oversized accessories add drama and the wallpaper alone is enough artwork for the space. The fabrics and cushions add warmth and pops of colour to finish the look. These are only a few of the very diverse designs the brand offers, you can check out all the collections on their website here. 

It’s clear that I have a crush on this brand, but what do you think about Andrew Martin’s aesthetic?

5 Tips on Mixing Prints in your Home Like a Pro

Long before mixing prints became a trend, I was watching Sarah Richardson pull it off time and time again. She wouldn’t just mix 2 or 3 prints together. Sarah didn’t mess around. Sometimes she would have a pile of different prints in front of her and I would be amazed at how she was able to make them look like they were always made to be together. Not everyone has a natural talent for knowing which prints work well together, but with the right tools, you can definitely become a pro. Here are some tips on how you can begin to master the skill. Because I am telling you, once you do, you will never look back.


{source} This is a perfect example of mixing prints. We see different scales, types of prints and compatible colours all on a neutral backdrop.

1. Size does matter: Use patterns of multiple scales and densities. When you do this, the prints visually balance each other out, so that one dominates the eye and becomes the focal point and the other one compliments it. If you don’t do this your eye won’t know where to go and it will make the whole thing look messy.

2. Use different pattern types: (floral, animal, stripe, geometric) Mixing different patterns together is key, and insures that two patterns won’t be competing with each other. One of my favourite combinations is floral and stripes.


{Source} Staying in the blues; geometric chevron meets floral. I love the contrasting prints in these similar tones!

3. Use a low contrast palette: By using your colour wheel wisely, you will ensure that the colours are harmonious. This doesn’t mean every pattern has to be the same colour, but the colours need to compliment each other well.


{Source} This neutral backdrop sets the stage for compatible colours with natural tones of copper, brown, and rose.

4. Start with a neutral foundation: It’s best to have a neutral foundation when mixing prints so as not to overdo it. This means your base (walls, couch etc..) should not overpower the prints. They will act like your blank canvas.


{Source} The Starting Point in this has to be the art. Everything seems to fit perfectly with the artwork, making all these random colors and prints work so perfectly together.

5. Find a jumping off point: Find a fabric that appeals to your individual style and use it as your guide. Pull colours from it and find prints that contrast well with it using the tips above. It makes the whole process easier when you have something to compare too and go back too.

How do you feel about mixing prints? Would you feel confident enough to incorporate it into your home?

TRENDING // Paint Splattered

An homage to Jackson Pollack, paint splattering is becoming a major trend in both fashion and home decor.  Have you been noticing it everywhere too? It’s so much fun! At first I was a little on the fence about this trend. If not done properly, paint splatter can just look plain messy, but when used just the right way it looks amazing and is a great way to add colour and a “splash” of fun to any space. I even think that paint splattered wallpaper would look amazing in a small powder room or as an accent wall. Check out this powder room, isn’t it gorgeous? Whether bold and graphic or delicate and painterly, paint splatter is making a mark!

I have gathered together a few paint splattered items that I really love, check them out.


1. Coloured paint splatter pillow from Zazzle 
2. Blue Splatter 1/2 pint mug by Emma Bridgewater
3. Blue Splatter Dinnerware from West Elm
4. Paint Splattered Chocolate (that is ridiculously expensive but beautiful) from UNELEFANTE

What a great tablescape theme as well, look how beautiful this is.  I think this is going to be a new potential DIY project!

As an accent wall it looks great as well! I think I see a trend in the blue paint splatter being my favourite.

And finally, check out how nice these curtains look. Fun and classy all in one!

How do you feel about this trend? Love it or hate it?

Small Kitchen Solution: Pot Racks

My apartment has a huge kitchen, but it has the worst storage. We have one drawer. Yes you heard right, ONE drawer, and not many cupboards or counter space. So I have to be creative with my storage. I have my large utensils on the counter in a cute jar I found at west elm, I have an ikea kitchen cart for extra prep space that has some storage underneath and I have a pot rack! I LOVE my pot rack, not only because it’s the perfect storage solution, but it also adds another dimension to my space; by taking up a rather massive wall which would otherwise be hard to fill. It also keeps my pots organized and in an easy to reach location!


Pot racks are a great solution if you have limited cupboard space. They also look amazing. If you don’t have room to put one on the wall like I do, overhead racks are the way to go. Check out these beautiful kitchens that use pot racks below. I don’t know about you, but having my pots out in the open and on display like that also gives me the incentive to keep them sparkling.


Image Sources {Left}Elite Home Tips {Right} Interiorly

I almost bought copper pots last year when I was in the market for a new set. I decided againts it because stainless was more practical, but how beautiful are they on display? Especially with this years copper trend alert!!


Image Sources {Left} Dear Lillie, {Right} House of Turquoise

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite pot racks:


1. J.K Adams Large Grey Ceiling Pot Rack – Crate and Barrel

2. Enclume Deep Shelf Pot Rack in Hammered Steel – William Sonoma 

3. Copper Bookshelf Pot Rack – Bed Bath and Beyond

4. Grundtal Wall Shelf in Stainless Steel – Ikea

What are some creative ways you deal with storage issues?