The Simple Things in Life: Unexpected Treat

I have been noticing lately that it’s the simple things in life that make me most happy. For example, this past weekend, after spending the day at Osheaga (a popular Montreal music festival) which in itself was extremely enjoyable, we decided to avoid the huge line for the stuffy packed metro by walking home instead. The walk was long and consisted of crossing the Jaques-Cartier bridge, but it was the perfect summer evening for it. To 0ur surprise, it was the final night for the international fireworks competition and we caught it from the bridge! I had been trying to catch a show since it began over a month ago and something always got in the way, so you can understand why it was an amazing treat to be able to see it as a surprise. Not to mention, we got the best (free) seats in the house!

Do you find the simpler things in life to be the most fulfilling as well?