The Bright Side of Winter

Winter can be so long! So, in order to get through it every year I try to remind myself what I love about it. It really is a beautiful time of year and I love how everyone wants to be cozy and warm, making everything feel more intimate. I also like being able to layer and wear all my scarves. But in all honesty, I’m really bad with the cold weather and always have been, despite being a Canadian girl. When the snow covers the ground and the air is so cold it hurts, I tend to hibernate. There is something satisfying about that, since it is a time for renewal and an opportunity to slow down and take good care of ourselves, but after a while, I start to long for the freedom that summer offers, the brightness and the warmth. I know it’s only February and we have a little ways to go, but walking through the market yesterday I saw tulips and potted plants everywhere and for a second I remembered what it felt like to be surrounded by colour and life! It inspired me to want to brighten up the world around me while I patiently wait for sun to come out and melt the snow!

What are some of the things you love about winter and some ways you get through the long cold months?