Favorite Storage Solution: The Woven Basket


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If you are looking for a great storage solution that doubles as a design statement look no further than woven baskets. Not only have I been seeing a lot of these in some of my favorite stores, but I have always been a big fan of their natural look. They add warmth to any space and I use them in almost every room of my home. Two are found in my bathroom; One for storing extra toilette paper rolls, and the other for displaying/storing my fancy towels. In my entrance, I have three above my coat rack that holds scarves, gloves and hats, basically anything that needs to be easily accessible when running out of the house. I also have one that holds all of my dog’s accessories, treats and grooming supplies. Basically I use them for almost anything that I don’t mind being slightly out in the open.


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I am currently looking for one to put in my living room to store extra throw blankets in and I want it to fit nicely beside my couch. I have put together 5 of my favorite woven baskets. They are all rather large, but with different finishes, textures and colors. I am really into basket no. 2, the yellow band makes it unique and since my living room has splashes of yellow in it, I think it would be the perfect addition.